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Voted #1 Pain Management 2014-2019 by the local community. 

#1 Boca Pain Management Center has helped hundreds of clients that have failed other therapies including surgery.

We are grateful to have a choice in our Pain Care.      DON'T be forced into epidural injections or surgery.

FDA warns of serious effects with Steroid Epidural Injections.

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Recent Studies: 2017

The American College of Physicians recommend the following treatments for chronic lower back pain. Pain that lasts more than 12 weeks:
1-Exercise - multidisciplinary rehabilitation - acupuncture and stress reduction. The use of biofeedback, low level laser therapy, and yoga may be helpful. 
2- The use of anti-inflammatory medication, (NSAID's), muscle relaxants SSRI's, should be considered prior to the use of pain medication. Steroids were not shown to be effective in acute lower back pain.

Another study released on February 13, 2017, indicates non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID'S), ibuprofen, Motrin and naproxen provide little relief in spinal pain and increase the risk for gastrointestinal side effects and internal bleeding.

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Boca Raton

 John Girard MD specializes in Pain Management in Boca Raton , Florida.


After years of professional experience as a Board Certified Internist and Gerontologist he realized the need to advance his training in Pain Management.  Certified in Stem Cell PRP Therapy and BHRT, he offers

Non-Addictive Pain Relief and Restorative Joint Care.

Your history and medical examination will determine if you are a candidate for one of his selective therapies. He carefully selects those who would benefit from

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy.

Once reserved only for professional athletes to circumvent surgery;

Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Hines Ward, and many others have undergone this procedure.

John Girard MDoffers Stem Cell PRP Therapy that regenerate injured joints, tendons and muscles.

A sample of your blood is drawn, natural healer cells contained in platelets are concentrated over 400% and then energized. The areas of injury are locally anesthetized and your super concentrated stem cells are carefully introduced directly to stimulate immediate healing.

Dr. John Girard has Revolutionized the care offered at his Pain Management Center in Boca Raton, Fl.

He is the premier physician that offers Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine.

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His goal is to improve your Quality of Life.

Home exercise or facility based physical therapy is always recommended as an adjunct to improve outcomes.

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