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The decline of Hormone levels in blood tests are detected in men and women with average use of medications within 4 weeks.

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 Hormone Levels Decrease with the use of Medications for pain relief.

Adverse effects of Hormone Imbalance:

  Concern has grown regarding the adverse affects of medication use for pain and your hormone levels.

 Table 1 above, lists the most common symptoms of hormone imbalances. Most of us may notice subtle changes while others will notice decreased sexual desires and in men erectile dysfunction (ED)

  For example; Medication used to control pain decrease levels of the gonadal sex hormones, growth hormone, cortisol, and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S).  Those medications also blunt the cortisol response to corticotropin, a hormone in your brain that responds to stress. This abnormal response decreases your ability to cope with daily stress, creating a vicious cycle of increased anxiety and pain.
   While the clinical significance of decreased growth hormone and cortisol levels remain speculative, decreased sex hormones with lack of sexual drive and performance are well documented. See Table 2.


  The prescribed use of medications to control pain are not without consequences. Research has eluded that short term use greater than 3-4 weeks has far reaching negative effects. To help reduce these effects only use medication at the lowest dosage and least amount of time. Immediate release is preferred over extended release medications.  Your physician must be aware of the various challenges associated with medications used for pain control.  Patients are advised to discuss symptoms outlined in table 1 & 2.

Blood test to determine your hormone levels are obtained via a simple venipuncture. 

   Dr. John Girard MD has advanced hormone training and will order the appropriate testing and hormone replacements. Careful adjustments will be required based on your response and repeated blood levels.