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Tell the receptionist, Detox please, I want my life back.

 Your visits are based upon your progress. You will have visits every 10-30 days.

 After you are stabilized and drug free, I highly recommend one of the FDA approved therapies to prevent relapse.  Monthly injections, oral medications or pellets under your skin that lasts 6 months to prevent any cravings and relapse in the immediate future.

What about In-Patient Hospital Care? Is it better than out-patient treatment?.


  The fun parties of their teens and 20's are now Real Night Mares of their 30's and beyond. What quality of life exists for addicts that are high 24/7, sleep all day, up all night and remain isolated from family or friends. 

   They are unable to comprehend or undergo simple activities. They are embarrassed  knowing they are different, which forces them to drop out of school or a job. This perpetuates their vicious cycle.

They may be very loving but very confused and need Help to Survive.

  When they awake from their stupor they realize the world has not stopped, but they have!!!

With their inability to cope, they resort back to being Comfortably Numb. This is now their life with no visible way out. 

  Ask an addict if they realize the real consequences of overdosing and dying and surprisingly their response is;

" That is not going to happen to me. I know what I am doing. I am not stupid."  That is a matter of opinion!

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  That depends on the severity of the clients condition, their ability to take off work for 30-90 days, prior attempts, and their true desire to STOP their ADDICTION. With Addiction centers opening every day all across the United States and incentivized by insurance companies paying over $30,000 per month, this once isolated treatment community has turned into BIG Business for companies. As we all know, Big Business is not always the Best for your love one.

I have personally treated clients transferring out of facilities within 24-48 hours. Their stories were horrifying. Some were placed in a room with nothing but a mattress and a bucket for their vomit. They were not given any medications to help treat their symptoms of detoxification. This is extremely painful and the main reason addicts return to street drugs after 24-48 hours. 

No one deserves to be treated like a wild animal in a cage.

  There are many excellent facilities available. You have to do your due diligence and personally visit the facilities. Talk to patients alone, without the staff observing your conversation. Facilities may punish those who talk to outsiders.

Questions should be one word answers if possible.


Would you send a love one here for treatment?

Have you seen a doctor that specializes in addiction while you were here? How often are you seen?

 Is the staff happy here and treat you well?

Were you treated with medication when you first developed symptoms of withdrawal, or were you left

untreated while you were sick?

Interview the staff regarding daily treatments and activities. The use of detoxification medications, frequency of doctor visits including physician extenders, activities and meetings during the week and weekends. Any free time for physical exercising? Meals? Do you follow a 12 step program? What happens when the insurance stops payments. Do they come back home, if yes,  what do I do to keep them clean?

You should contact a private physician affiliated with the SAMHSA organization. This is highly recommended to improve their continued success and supervision.

Look on https:// for a physician near you.

If you live in or near Boca Raton, 33431 (Florida) Look no Further .

John P. Girard MD is here to help.         Call: 561-750-9900 ext.2  

John P. Girard MD Specializes in Out-Patient Narcotic Detoxification. Certified by SAMHAS and DATA 2000 to perform out patient therapy since the 2000's. He has successfully treated hundreds of clients.

His goal is to restore a New Outlook onLife and Happiness to his clients and their families. The use of FDA medication along with over 30 years of practicing Internal Medicine, he has outstanding insight in their care. Breaking the cycle of addiction is not a one pill fits all therapy. Each client must be willing to change their lifestyle, use family support and choose the appropriate sponsor from a leading AA/NA program. These programs are listed on the web and must be investigated before starting a particular program.

I have heard of centers having independent drug dealers sitting in or outside their facilities looking for their next mark. Never let your guard down, have a family member go with you for guidance. Remember every meeting is anonymous, don't be afraid. If it doesn't feel right then it is not for you. Don't generalize, each facility is different. Ask questions both inside and outside of the facility. Pick the best you can find, you can always change. 

Studies have shown that addiction has both a genetic and a psychological component. Many addicts have underlying Bipolar Disorders and other forms of Depression and Anxiety. A multi-modality approach to treating addiction is usually recommended for continued success.

Detoxification in an Out-Patient Private Medical Office .

Addiction Treatment - Detox Therapy

Medications used for Pain are habit forming in less than 30 days, with increasing tolerance and dependency. 

Addiction to medications may lead to their demise without Medical Help.

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